How to Increase Survey Response Rates

We all feel it. Survey saturation!  There is a reason they have become so prolific.  With 1.4 billion smartphones sold in 2015 and 80% of internet access is done through a smart phone, the rules have changed with the consumer.  A recent study found that 80% of the merchants felt they provided an excellent customer experience yet only 8% of their customers agreed.-(MaritzCX)

What motivates people to take a survey is still a bit of a mystery, however, there are a few key elements that will drive up response rates.
1.  Share the results.  Post a summary report on your website or in your store.  Perhaps email it to all respondents.  
2.  Identify other people who care about the results. depending on the type of survey you may list professional colleagues, organizations, or others in your industry you don't compete with, to help you broaden your base of respondents.
3.  Send a reminder.   Whether it's an old-fashioned postcard or an email, a reminder will work.   A second reminder is often one of diminishing return.
4.  Charitable giving.   This works particularly well if it's a common cause supported by the respondents
5.  Tangible incentives.   A common incentive for retail stores can be dollars off the next visit with a minimum purchase. other incentives can be of a lottery type.  "Complete the survey and the entered into a drawing for a $5000 gift card."
6.  Allow respondents to be anonymous.
7.  Hire an independent third-party company to conduct the survey.  Afirm with experience will know how to craft the questions, what order to put the questions in, and be able to provide respondents anonymity while also allowing them participation in incentives.  They will also typically get a higher response rate than a firm doing it themselves.

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