Use Automation to Create More Highly Engaged Customers.

By: Bruce Wildes, Acadia Business Advisors, LLC. 

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According to Pew Research as of January 2017: 

  • 95% of Americans now own a cell phone. 

  • 77% use a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011. 

  • Nearly 70% use social media on a regular basis. 

  • 79% of Americans use Facebook.

If you want to create more highly engaged and profitable customer relationships, you need to gain access to their email and mobile phone number.  Use them to consistently communicate with your customers based upon their unique relationship with you.  Until now, this took a lot of time and money.

Today, Acadia Business Advisors can provide you a solution that automates collecting your customers' emails, mobile phone numbers, birthday, and other demographic information, using a wireless network within your facility. We also collect their frequency of visit, days between visits, and economic value to your business.  Based upon this information, our program automatically sends them personal emails based upon the information collected.  For example, if it has been 30 days since their last visit, we might send them a ‘We miss you’ email or a special birthday offer on their birthday.

Again, it’s the most automated solution I’ve found on the market today and one that also provides you the most measurable return-on-investment. 

Acadia Business Advisors has partnered with the developer of this technology to provide local sales and support under the white label brand Acadia Customer Care. There are over 6000 companies using this web-based program around the world. Once you are approved we can typically have you online within minutes.  You will quickly see the automation provide you a very measurable return on your investment.  The acquisition of customer emails is typically five times greater than other means.  

Sign up this month and save 20% OFF your monthly payment through 2017.  Contact us for details.


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