Customer feedback, Employee engagement, Feasibility Studies, Competitive analysis  

ACADIA WIFI helps you learn more about your individual customers without imposing on you, your staff, or your guests.  Answers to questions like:  How often do they visit?  Who has stopped visiting you and why?  What are their demographics?  What made them decide to come see you?  Ask about our 30 day FREE trial.   

Do you have a comprehensive strategy and management plan for all online media?  Website, email, and social media all have their individual roles but provide you the greatest value and impact when you post and schedule content following a comprehensive strategy and management plan.  

More Services:

  • Interim CEO

  • Virtual Marketing Dept.

  • Change management, Process improvement

  • Point of sale systems and software selection

  • Human Resource Information systems

  • Sales analytics and reporting

  • Franchise Development and Consulting

“As a small business owner, I can't do it all, so I outsource key functions to experts in their fields.  We needed to get feedback from our customers to help make some key strategic decisions.  We hired Acadia Business Advisors to develop and manage a comprehensive independent survey of our clients.  Based on the results, they helped us develop a strategy and marketing management plan.  They actively manage the plan to achieve the desired results.  They work hard to understand our business and to consistently deliver us the right resources and best solutions for our investment.  They have become a trusted business partner and we can always count on receiving honest answers and their commitment to results” - Peter Johnson, President, Bostonbean Coffee Co.