Case Study


Challenge:  For fifteen years, Rivalries has been successfully serving sports fans in the greater Portland, Maine market with its Sports Pub and Grill.  Portland is one of the most competitive restaurant markets in the U.S.  In late 2016, they opened a second location in Falmouth, Maine; an affluent suburb of Portland.  They needed to better identify who their customers were in each location. They wanted to build loyalty in both locations while also better understanding the differences in the two markets.  They lacked an email list of customers and didn’t have the bandwidth to try to collect email addresses from their customers.  They had limited data, beyond anecdotal evidence, regarding who their actual customers were and how to further engage them. 

Solution:  They installed our Acadia Free Wifi router in each location and immediately began collecting emails, demographics, and visits from guests.  Our software is programed to automatically send a client-branded and personalized ‘welcome’ email to the guest upon departure from their first visit, encouraging them to return with a small incentive. A second visit generates a ‘welcome back’ email.  If they’ve been in twice but not for 31 days, they automatically receive a ‘we miss you’ email with an incentive to return.  At ten visits they get a  ‘Thank you for your loyalty’ email and a ‘reward’ they can redeem on their next visit.

Results:  In the first seven months with our program, they collected a mean average of over 10 emails per day, which generated 5500 smart emails, in which 18% of the recipients came back within 7 days, adding $20,000 in additional incremental revenue.  

Acadia Free Wifi” has been a significant contributor to the double digit growth we’ve experienced since implementing the program.  Once it is set up, it doesn’t require any more tasks from our staff.  No cards to swipe, or pin pads, or paper to manage.  Customers happily enter their email address or log on through Facebook to enroll and redeem rewards through their smart phones.  I like the fact that it is all automated, our customers give us great feedback through it, and we can rely on Acadia Business Advisors for local support.  They even do our email campaigns each month that can target specific demographics or customer behaviors, which can’t be done through other email services.  If you want to build more valuable customer relationships with a partner who makes it an easy and very profitable investment, I would highly recommend investing in Acadia Business Advisors Wifi program.”  Lance M. owner