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Willow’s Pizza is an institution in the community, known for its high quality food, ranging from pizza, salads, and sandwiches.  They are in a new location since late 2016 and now offer a dining room menu that includes steaks, a full service bar and craft beers.  The friendly staff includes some who have been working there more than 20 years.  Despite knowing many of their ‘regulars’ for years, they knew very little about the majority of their guests.  The owner of Willow’s, Dave Lengyel, is focused on working in the business and has little time to work on the business and he relies on outside help for their resources and expertise.



Create more highly engaged and valuable guests through consistent communications and rewards for their loyalty utilizing tools to keep it simple for staff to manage.



Willow’s Pizza installed Acadia Business Advisors’ Free WIFI Marketing program in early 2017.  It is a fully automated customer engagement program that doesn’t impose on the staff or the guests.  Acadia Business Advisors provides turnkey support.



44% open rate with first time customers

52% walk-thru rate (within 7 days of receiving emai)

Average 5 new contacts per day

$24,000 incremental net new revenue in less than a year